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How You Can Help

Spay and neuter your pets.

An unspayed female dog, her mate and all of their puppies, if none are ever neutered or spayed, add up to:
1 year: 16
2 years: 128
3 years: 512
4 years: 2,048
5 years: 12,288
6 years: 67,000 dogs!!!
There aren't enough good homes for all of these dogs.

Make a donation.

Thousands of dogs are euthanized each year because of lack of funds to support them. These dogs deserve to live out their natural lives. A small contribution can make a BIG difference.

Take action.

If you have ever heard an accurate description of what happens to an animal when it is gassed to death or killed by heart prick, you know just how inhumane this practice is. Help us to outlaw these methods of killing dogs by contacting your state's legislature.

Educate others.

Tell your friends and family that you support Dogs on Death Row and tell them why it's important to get involved.

A Word About Us Header

Driven by a deep passion for animals, Jodie Richers founded Dogs on Death Row in 2007. Having worked in the nonprofit arena for many years as the director for One Child At A Time (an international aid and adoption organization), and also as a board member for Children's Charities of America, Jodie posesses a skill set ideal for leveraging dollars into the most efficient action possible to save the greatest number of dogs.

Jodie is tireless in her efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for unwanted dogs everywhere. She is also committed to educating the public about the inhumane nature of gassing and heart prick as a means of killing animals.

Although Jodie is the heart of DODR, many people contribute their time, talent, and treasure to keep us going. We hope that you, too, will become a valued DODR supporter and friend.

We pride ourselves on our fiscal responsibility. Our overhead is less than 7.5%.

Editor-in-Chief Checks In: DONOR RULES

Well, Hello there, I'm Benji and I'm the Editor-In-Chief for Dogs on Death Row. I'm here to tell you that you have choices within your employee charitable contributions program.

Many of you reading this are part of the Combined Federal Campaign. You can choose the charity of your choice. Mom explained to me (quite confusing even for a dog of my intelligence) that many corporations only allow you to give to some guy called United Way. But Mom said that people work really hard for their money and should be allowed to give to the charities of their choice, not the company's choice. Now some of you might want to give to cancer charities, or children's charities or (hint, hint!) Dogs on Death Row. (Mom said I shouldn't be so self-serving!) So maybe it's an environmental charity, religious, or community charity. Bottom line, it's your money and you should decide who gets it.

In fairness, I should point out that depending on the United Way where you live you can earmark your gift to support a particular charity of your choice. But there's a catch; many of them require your gift to be a "health or human service" charity. They will NOT honor your instructions to send your gift to a dog rescue charity. They will keep your money for charities they choose instead of yours, often, without notifying you.

Big part, get ready, here's my challenge to you. If your company says you can only give to United Way go to the top! Contact the president! Tell them that if they trust you to make decisions for the company they should trust you to make decisions about a charity. Well, Mom says maybe it would be better to start with the human resources people. (Is there a canine resource department?)

Make your donations go to the charity of your choice! Even if it's not mine...MAKE IT YOURS!

Benji, Editor & Chief,

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