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Benji is our hard working

Editor in Chief

He's been busy sniffing out stories and keeping our donors and fans up to date on how their contributions are helping Dogs on Death Row.

Happy Holidays with Rex a rescued dog!

HELLO and Happy Holidays! (Wow I love the smell of roasting turkey in the morning!) Mom says turkey isn't good for dogs but I got a good whiff and some cornbread stuffing that had soaked up a little turkey gravy. YUM! I couldn't be happier that there's a snap in the air and lots of new friends and old coming together to celebrate this awesome smelly season. 

You know how this is the season of gratitude and giving and all, and you know there isn't any animal on the planet more grateful than me to have ended up rescued, adopted by my mom and now a big time celebrity helping other dogs get lucky. 

My latest interview is with a dog named Rex. He's from a family of dogs called Bouvier des Flandres. Whatever! I interviewed him via web cam (could we be more canine techno here?) and I gotta tell ya he's got quite a tale (and tail) to share

Rex: "My Daddy lost his job. Things got tough. We were roughing out an already bad winter in Minnesota when we lost our house. Dad said I'd be better off in a shelter, but then he was told they'd probably put me to sleep because nobody wants a big black dog. And that's just what I am - a big, black dog! However I'm also loving, gentle, smart, loyal and very well behaved! Thank goodness, word of my desperate situation got around and in stepped two great foster parents, Jim & Geri Mages, who said they'd take care of me till Daddy could. When my dad had to move to New Mexico and couldn't take me with him, Jim & Geri said "no problem!" We had already become like family and they officially adopted me! 


Benji: Whoa, Rex, great story! So what's this I hear about you seeing Santa Claws, I mean Claus ---this week? 


Rex: "That's right, Benji...I got to see Santa this week and I told him what I wanted for Christmas. (You got the photos, right?) Besides the usual tennis ball & chew bones, I asked him for: 

1. More people to adopt companion animals from their local shelter.
2. More people to spay and neuter their companion animals
3. More loving homes for misunderstood and under-appreciated dogs like black dogs, rottweilers, & pit bulls
4. More donations to they can help more dogs like me!
5. And a big juicy steak underneath my Christmas tree! 


Benji, Editor & Chief,

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