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Benji is our hard working

Editor in Chief

He's been busy sniffing out stories and keeping our donors and fans up to date on how their contributions are helping Dogs on Death Row.

Benji saved from death row!

Hi, I'm Benji. No, not that Benji, but everyone says I look like a movie star, and since I don't know my lineage, well, maybe we're related. 

I think I'll tell you about my issues first. That way, by the time you get to the end of this you'll forget about those. I LOVE girl dogs, but when it comes to the boys-STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRLS! I love a soft place to sleep (like a nice sofa). And you can disconnect your burglar alarm cuz anytime someone comes to my door I will bark! The good part of barking at the door is if it's someone you trust, you can just say so and I'll lay off. No growling, no more barking, just tail wagging and welcome to my house. 

I have no idea why I ended up in jail. I sat in a cold concrete block, shaking, scared and didn't know what was happening. The other inmates told me I was at the end of the line. WHAT! About to be gassed they said. Depending on the size of the gas chamber, four or five of us would be killed at the same time. What an awful way to go!! We scratched on the walls and begged for mercy, knowing what was coming. But moments before we were "dead dogs walking" we got a reprieve. WOW! People from Maine to California had arranged a stay of execution! Talk about a took a whole country to save us. 

Well, I got a nice ride in the car (Love that!) and got to a really nice place at my foster mom's house... fenced yard, kids playing in the hood, all the fantasy stuff we barked about in jail. The awesome surprise was the great girl dog, Terrace. And no ordinary dog...Terrace is a rescue dog trained as a medical alert dog. Wow, had my dreams come true? Does she do mouth to mouth? Well it gets better. Come to find out, she had a gang of girlfriends in the neighborhood just dying for a nice gentleman like me. Gracie, Lucy...quality canines who had also been rescued! Had I died and gone to Casanova heaven. Good thing I'm neutered or we'd have quite a family in no time. 

Next thing, I know, I'm making friends with all the kids and families in the neighborhood, sniffing and playing with other dogs sleeping in a warm place with a nice menu. And get day I see the doctor who checks me out and then I get a warm bath and a haircut! (Did I mention I might have movie star genes?) Everyone said I cleaned up well. 

Let's get back to my stellar qualities. I have excellent references-my sponsors, her neighbors, kids, friends, family and house quests. I'm handsome, housebroken, lovable, and gently playful and have Ms. Daphne manners. (Think Daphne from Look Who's Talking Too!) I share food and toys, love a good game of tug-a-war (my favorite!) and I can sit, beg, rollover, crawl and I do a mean dance when there's a Beggin'Strip offered. 


Now, there's a big favor I need to ask of all of you. Please listen cuz it's really important to me and other dogs and cats like me. Call your local shelters and if they're gassing my fellow canines and felines (big words for me!) ask them to stop. It's the most painful way to kill an animal, and most of us are really eager to love and be loved. My second request is that if you do have a pet, PLEASE neuter or spay. Do you know it will help us live longer and improve the quality of our lives? (And yours!) 

There's lots more work to do and I'm just one of many. Thanks for reading my story and please share yours. 

Sending you all big licks! 


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